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China's independent research and development of biological aviation coal for the first time a successful transoceanic flight

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Beijing time November 22, 2017 02:11, the central time of the United States at 12:11 on November 21, 2017, the Sinopec 1 bio aviation kerosene, Hainan Airlines HU497 flight Boeing 787, across the Pacific Ocean, landed at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport in the United States. This marks the successful success of the first transoceanic commercial passenger flight of No. 1 biological research and development in China.

This is another initiative following the 2013, 2015 domestic commercial flight test technology application of flight flight for the first time, shows that China's independent research and development of bio jet fuel production technology is more mature, Sinopec to implement the "civil aviation industry practice achievement five development ideas", is of great significance to the development and application of biomass energy in China and green aviation.

The bio aviation coal used for cross commercial commercial passenger flights is produced by Zhenhai Refining and chemical company affiliated to Sinopec. It is made from waste cooking oil and mixed with 15:85 and coal. In November 21st 12, Sinopec No. 1 bio jet fuel products up to Boeing 787 aircraft on November 21st at 14:31, by the president of Hainan airlines, the flight captain Sun Jianfeng driving the "green" flights from Beijing Capital International Airport, carrying a total of 186 passengers and 15 crew, flight 6100 sea miles, 11 hours of flight 41 branch. After the end of the flight, Sun Jianfeng said that climate change has become a common challenge facing the world today. Insisting on green low-carbon development has also become an inevitable choice for today's development. It is of great significance to join Sinopec, Boeing, to fly international flight bio fuel flights and to arrive in Chicago.

The Civil Aviation Administration of the AIRWORTHINESS APPROVAL Chinese Secretary Xu Chaoqun said that bio jet fuel is an important direction of global aviation fuel development, the development of alternative green clean energy, promoting the development and application of national independent intellectual property rights of bio jet fuel, is our country to build an important innovation in low carbon green aviation. Sinopec 1 bio aviation coal is the first biooceanic product approved by the CAAC. It has successfully achieved another major breakthrough in the R & D, production and commercialization of bio aviation coal. It is hoped that the Sinopec will continue to do a good job in the development and application of biological aviation coal, and further promote the commercial application of biological aviation coal.

Sinopec spokesman Lv Dapeng said that Sinopec has always been in the forefront of domestic research and application of biomass fuels. The 1 bio navigation coal developed independently represents the highest level of biomass fuel R & D Application in China. Biological aviation coal is low carbon environmental protection, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, it is of great significance to change the distorted direction of the waste oil to the table and explore its green channel. The next step is to continue to cooperate with all parties under the guidance of the CAAC and realize the win-win cooperation of the value chain of bio aviation coal products, contribute to the common blue sky and green water, and cheer for the good life of the people.

Bio aviation coal is aviation kerosene produced from renewable resources. Its raw materials mainly include plant oil such as coconut oil, palm oil, leprosy oil, linseed oil, and microalgae oil, restaurant waste oil, animal fat and so on. Compared with the traditional oil based aviation kerosene, carbon emissions from the whole life cycle can be reduced by more than 50%.

In 2006, the Sinopec launched the research and development of biological aviation coal. In 2009, the Sinopec has successfully developed the technology of biological aviation coal production with independent intellectual property rights. On this basis, in September 2011, the Sinopec Zhenhai Refining and chemical transformation built a set of biological aviation kerosene industry demonstration equipment and harmonization facilities in the subordinate production base. In December 2011, the device first produced a qualified biological aviation coal. In April 24, 2013, Sinopec 1 bio aviation coal was successfully completed in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport by China Eastern Airlines. China has become the fourth country after the US, France and Finland to have bio aviation coal independent research and production technology. In March 21, 2015, the first commercial flight of Sinopec No. 1 was the first commercial flight from Shanghai to Beijing by sea airlines.

Sinopec bio - air coal will accelerate the pace of blue sky emission reduction. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has proposed a proposal for the international air carbon offset mechanism. For the aviation industry, biological aeronautical coal is one of the most important tools to achieve carbon neutralization since 2020. Chinese Civil Aviation Authority issued a "civil energy-saving emission reduction" 13th Five-Year "plan" put forward, to 2020, industry transport turnover unit energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of five years on average than 12th Five-Year dropped more than 4%, the airport passenger throughput of transport industry unit energy consumption five years average value is "12th Five-Year" at the end fell more than 15%. 1 tons of petroleum based fuel 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, fuel consumption in China is about 30 million tons, such as all the alternatives to bio jet fuel, bio jet fuel at least 30% emissions per ton, a year of carbon dioxide emissions of about 33 million tons, equivalent to planting nearly 300 million, nearly 20 million open economy cars parked a year.

Sinopec to bio jet fuel production technology range of raw materials, not only can be used in rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, palm oil, waste oil, algae oil, acidification of FT synthetic oil as raw materials, but also to waste cooking oil as raw materials, to solve the problem of waste oil scientific, legal and efficient application of the new way out of a food waste oil the application of green resources. Sinopec will further expand the source of bio aviation raw materials, continuously improve technology level and product competitiveness, and provide reliable oil solutions for aviation industry to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

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