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The investment in new drug research and development will become more sp… 2017-12-22  1 clicks

[China pharmaceutical net Market Analysis in November 23rd], "2017 Chinese Health Industry Summit" Baekje China Senior Vice President, responsible for …

10 enterprises and research institutions to participate in the fair on … 2017-12-22  1 clicks

The day before, science and technology exhibition China the largest and most influential, China international high tech fair "China first exhibition of scie…

Jiangsu environmental protection harnessing hard! How much is the impac… 2017-12-22  1 clicks

Jiangsu's environmental protection tackling is going on. It has far-reaching influence on chemical industry, chemical industry park and even the entire chemical …

China's independent research and development of biological aviation… 2017-12-22  0 clicks

Beijing time November 22, 2017 02:11, the central time of the United States at 12:11 on November 21, 2017, the Sinopec 1 bio aviation kerosene, Hainan Airlines H…

The industry predicts that technological breakthroughs in the next ten … 2017-12-22  0 clicks

"2017 China International Digital economic summit" was held in Shijiazhuang on the 23 day. At home and abroad, renowned experts, scholars, government o…


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