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New Energy Chemicals Inc. was founded by college students at school in 2010. It was a new high-tech enterprise. Our company is mainly engaged in the custom synthesis and production of pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals, anti-tumor drugs and fuel additives.

Our company had two professional R&D institutions with Yancheng Anticancer Drug Engineering and Research Center and Changzhou University-New Energy Chemicals Inc. Jiangsu Graduate Workstation. In these years, our company also established a long-term cooperation relationship with Nanjing University, Changzhou University, Huaiyin Institute of Teconology and Zhengzhou University. As of this date, our company had undertaken two technical innovation programs and one Natural Science Foundation program of Jiangsu Technology Department. So far, our company had been titled as Jiangsu Private Scientific and Technological Enterprises, Yancheng High-Tech Enterprises and Yancheng Trustworthy Enterprises.

After six years of development, our company has 36 employees, including four doctors, two masters and twenty-one undergraduates. And 75% of the total employees were bachelor degree or above. Owing to our staff efforts, we have developed lots of API intermediates, such as polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (PODEn), 2,2’,5,5’-tetramethyl-2,5-disila-1-oxacyclopentane, n-ethyl methylamine, etc. These advanced production processes have also been authorized with patents.


New Energy Chemicals Inc.
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