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The investment in new drug research and development will become more specialized

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[China pharmaceutical net Market Analysis in November 23rd], "2017 Chinese Health Industry Summit" Baekje China Senior Vice President, responsible for the clinical development of China to Wang said: "the research and development of new drugs will be a continuous hot, and will continue for a long time, currently has only just begun."


At present, the research and development of new drugs has become a hot spot of capital attention, but the return on investment is not clear enough. "The threshold of biopharmaceuticals is very high," Wang Lai said. In 2017, the trend of new drug research and development is flourishing, and there are many funds looking for new investment projects. But you have difficulty in choosing projects. One important reason is the high threshold of the pharmaceutical industry.

Founded in 2011, has been focused on Baekje China tumor new drug products. "In the past seven years, we have pushed 4 fully developed projects from clinical to clinical," Wang said. In addition, more than 40 clinical trials are being carried out, including a number of three phase registration experiments, two phase registration experiments and a one-stage exploratory experiment. And the company's staff also increased to more than 800, of which the R & D team reached 300, distributed in China and the United States.

"In a sense, the pure drug development in the baiji is trying a new way," Wang said, the whole process to burn a lot of money, this year has spent 2 billion yuan, is inconceivable to a company without any income. And the research and development of medical products is very complex, it includes a lot of departments before clinical, before clinical. To be more complex in the clinic, it is necessary to include medical and statistical background, and many teams that do the data are combined in order to do the job well. So it is difficult for investors to decide when they are choosing a project. But the beginning don't know the best way is to vote, Baekje can be sought after, an important reason is that we start the investors in Wall Street is very famous.

The key to the selection of the project is to see two things. Wang Lai thought that whether the team had experienced the new drug or not, and whether the product was different from other products, and this piece needed a lot of professional knowledge. Follow up, the investment in the medical field will tend to be specialized.

Wang Lai believes that this is Chinese drug development will have some represent the general trend, the enterprise will be successful, there are a large number of enterprises will fail, investors looking for projects the key is to find a good team, "and when you find a good team, do not want to give up, let the long term follow money in it, with the investment industry and the pharmaceutical industry is gradually mature, China drug will go to the world and carry forward."


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