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10 enterprises and research institutions to participate in the fair on the display of achievements and products in the field of intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology, new energy and new material technology etc.

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The day before, science and technology exhibition China the largest and most influential, China international high tech fair "China first exhibition of science and technology," said the opening ceremony at the Shenzhen Convention Center, Dayawan organized a total of 10 companies and research institutions participating exhibitors, focus on the display of results and products of independent innovation and intellectual property has installed intelligent manufacturing the preparation technology, new energy and new materials in the field of technology.

It is reported that from the big petrochemical project to the two major industries of petrochemical and electronic industries, and then to the construction of "1+N innovation industry cluster area", Dayawan district is taking the initiative to mark Shenzhen's development path from big projects to big industries and big industries to big platforms.

New chemical materials in combination with 3D printing technology are being sought after

The fair total of Dayawan District, Clear Water Bay Tai Chi Industrial fresh oxygen biological materials, bio pharmaceutical and fine technology, polymer technology, Albertson salubris pharmaceuticals, science and technology, science and technology as well as the king brother Kexiang business man youyou animation technology and other 8 enterprises in Huizhou and the Zhongshan University Research Institute of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Huizhou research base of 2 new R & D institutions participating.

The Huizhou Dayawan Research Institute of Zhongshan University and the Dayawan Institute of Beijing University of Chemical Technology have brought the latest research and development technology and products. Nakayama Megumio study of polymer material 3D printing project director Ceng Yongbin introduced the exhibition fair, the hospital brought inside and outside the field of air purification materials, 3D printing materials research. In addition, they also brought the daily chemical products developed by the Institute, such as essential oil, hand soap, Camellia Mask and some other new products.

Jiang Zhiguo, associate professor of materials science and engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology said: "before we came to Dayawan, the main research object is the Ministry of science and technology, as a major national engineering services, we participated in the national high speed rail, aerospace, and key project of South to North Water Diversion project and other major engineering research and development. After the research institute has settled in Dayawan, it is very exciting to us, and the researchers need to face the market directly to create greater value.  According to the direct demand of the enterprise, the technical innovation of small change and rapid iteration needs to be connected with the market at all times. After our entry to Dayawan, we have provided us with a frontier for the integration of industry, research and research, and we can connect with Shenzhen related enterprises at any time. In fact, this exhibition is a beginning. We are going to further refine our chemical material technology innovation, develop further, and complete the transformation of identity faster.

Professor Jiang Zhiguo brought their latest liquid solidification technology 3D printing samples. Compared with the general 3D printing technology, their samples are small and beautiful, with smooth and meticulous surface. They are suitable for mold making of delicate products and are sought after by merchants.

Innovative enterprises bring new products of environmental protection materials

In recent years, Dayawan has been actively implementing the "sponge action" in the city, giving full play to the location advantages of Shenzhen and Hongkong, and taking the initiative to undertake spillovers and projects in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In accordance with the high standards for the construction of national innovation demonstration zone, the planning and construction of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone in Huizhou Dayawan area, the total area of 11 square kilometers, including the emerging industry gathering area, gathering area, Dayawan Petrochemical new materials science and Technology Innovation Park, new creative park, the electronic information industry gathering area, high-end equipment industry gathering area, Huizhou port Comprehensive Bonded Zone 7 blocks. Adhere to the idea of "talent leading industry, industry gathering talents", with "talent chain" matching "industrial chain", converging high-end talents and innovative elements, and effectively promoting the "double helix" of regional industry and talents.

Dr. Cao Wenbin, the exhibition of Clear Water Bay biological material Co. Ltd. co-founder, 80, he and his team to venture in Dayawan for more than a year, although small, but the rapid development of products has been recognized by the market, is expected to plant production. He said that there is not only strong chemical research atmosphere here, but also the government has provided thoughtful pioneering services, giving timely support in many aspects such as registration, financing and site selection. The new adsorptive heavy metals new material is the new product that he launched many years of his research results combined with industrial practice and launched in Dayawan, which can be used for wastewater treatment and reduce heavy metal emissions.


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